Comment guidelines

Christian Liberation appreciates, and encourages, comments and discussions related to the articles presented. There are essential qualities to engage in when it comes to online conversations. This site is to encourage, provide inspiration, and support to those seeking answers because of doubts, crisis of faith, and real struggles. Therefore, comments are to be mindful of the content, mission, and stated core values of this site. Comments are to also exemplify the truthfulness of the Gospel and provide insight in issues raised by individuals without engaging in an apologetic way. Each comment is requested to strengthen the values and principles of the Christian Faith. Here are the following guidelines we ask readers to adhere to:

  1. Avoids personal attacks and addresses the central theme of concern without judgment, criticism, or biased perception.
  2. Does not deal with speculation and avoids mind-reading. When characterizing someone’s point of view, cite them directly and in sufficient detail that it is clear you have fairly represented what they have said/written.
  3. Does not attack other Christians, Churches, or non-Christian Religions in any way (as this is not an apologetic site).
  4. Comments are to show compassion, empathy, and lack any biased judgments or criticism.
  5. Comments are requested to reflect mindful genuine and authentic perspectives of how the articles inspire one to cultivate a deeper and richer relationship with Christ.
  6. Any comments that contain quotes are to have a reference to where the quote is from. This may be done via hyperlink or appropriate citations.
  7. Follow the same etiquette online as you follow in real-time conversations by being mindful of who the audience is.
  8. Site admin reserve the right to modify, edit, approve, delete, or deny publication of comments that may not reflect the mission, focus, and core values that are established.
  9. Site admin reserve the right to deny an individual’s privilege to further engage in the discussions.

These are simple requests to provide a means to encourage thoughtful and engaging discussions.