Blog Style Guidelines

Christian Liberation is always interested, and open to, publishing quality articles that shows the truthfulness of the gospel from a mindful, purposeful, and inspiring way. Each article is to address central topics, principles, and cultural issues that strengthen the values and principles of the Christian Faith in today’s social climate. Articles are to take a non-apologetic approach, avoid espousing any specific doctrine, or promote speculation.

If you are interested in submitting an article for publication, please follow these AP style guidelines prior to submitting your article for review.

In addition, the editor of Christian Liberation reserves the write to edit and format the article for spelling, grammar, and appropriate punctuation.

We also request the following:

  1. Author Bio and Picture: Author Bio is to be 200 words maximum.
  2. Appropriate website link to your blog, or ministry page.
  3. Appropriate email for contact purposes

Christian Liberation is seeking the following types of articles

  • Devotional Articles – 600 words maximum
  • Feature Articles – 1500 words maximum
  • Serialized Articles – 1000 words maximum
  • Sermons – 400 word summation and YouTube link – 30-45 minutes in video length

You can submit articles to

Please attach article as a PDF or WORD file. For Sermons with Videos, please provide an active YouTube Link with a 400 word summation of the sermon.

In the subject, please put “QUERY” and a short tile. Write a brief email introducing yourself, the title of your article, and how it fits with the mission and core values of Christian Liberation. Please include a good picture and author bio in the body of the email.